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Develop industrializable inkjet processes with SUSS LP50

LP50 is the first step to your future proof business

Start with a SUSS LP50 for R&D and grow over time to full mass production with JETx.

Use the desktop R&D inkjet printer to prototype your processes.

Based on this prototype build your business model.

Industrialize your business and start mass production with SUSS JETx.

LP50 Inkjet Printer

The SUSS LP50 is a desktop R&D inkjet printer for functional printing applications using PiXDRO technology. It is designed for research and development of inkjet processes and applications, as well as evaluation and development of inkjet materials.

SUSS LP50 Inkjet Printer Benefits

What's in it for you?

LP50 is your best value for money solution for developing industrializable inkjet processes.

As standalone desktop tool, LP50 can be placed almost anywhere. Even in glove boxes and fume hoods (only one in the market).

Leverage your newly acquired LP50 inkjet printer with our research experience and sampling lab to test the feasibility of your idea.

The unique LP50 software solutions help you optimize your inkjet printing processes and achieve the best possible printing results. Quickly and from the comfort of a desk.

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SUSS LP50 Inkjet Printer Features

What does the LP50 offer you?

Curved Display
Printed Electronics
Medical Applications

A Great Variety of Processes and Applications

Inkjet printing has much more to offer than just putting colorful pictures on paper. Use the SUSS LP50 advanced R&D inkjet printer with PiXDRO technology to develop functional processes and applications in the fields of printed electronics, semiconductor back-end, PCB, photovoltaics ,optical, OLED, biomedical, pharma, micro-graphical, micro dispensing, aerospace, adhesion and many other markets and industries.

Application Examples

Semiconduct Packaging

Semiconductor Packaging





Process examples

Conductive Pattern

Conductive patterns

Dielectric Coating

Dielectric & protection coatings

Masking Layers

Masking layers

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